My ADHD Toolkit

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“What is Hanukkah?”

Even our Sages ask this in Tractate Shabbat, so I am not offended when every non-Jew I know asks me to explain Hanukkah. This past week was a great opportunity for me to refine my spiel, so here is a short synopsis of WHY Jews celebrate Chanukah (there are many ways to spell it in… Continue reading “What is Hanukkah?”

3 Weeks Reading Recs

Tish B’av Book Binge List: 3 Weeks Reading Recommendations Eternal Life by Dara Horn – Cascading across over 2000 years, this time-travelling novel features the main character, Rachel, witnessing the destruction of the Second Temple, the conquest of Jerusalem, and the saviour of our Torah. It was a very timely novel to finish just as… Continue reading 3 Weeks Reading Recs