I have an impossible dream

I have an impossible dream of attending a Yeshiva.
Of studying centuries’ old text 8+ hours a day.
Of picking apart, debating, and then picking apart again our canon with close colleagues.
I have an impossible dream of immersing my entire life in Torah.
Of taking my learning outside.
To share what I know with others.
I have an impossible dream,
But I’m still aching to try.

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

If I could go anywhere in the world I would go to Israel. Not modern day Israel-Palestine, filled with life-threatening conflict over a barren land. It would be back to Jerusalem’s glory days—of the days of the holy temple—if I could visit anywhere it would be approximately 2000 years ago. Our last time humanity had a direct connection with creation. Before there was an international diaspora, before there was the Spanish Inquisition, before the progroms and before the holocaust. Before international antisemitism and intergenerational trauma.
I would want to visit 11th century Spain and be a part of the golden age of Jewry. I would want to visit 14th-century Poland and experience the height of Jewish cultural development. I would want to visit Moscow in the late 1800s and witness the genesis of Yiddish arts.
But in a way, I have been there. As a Jew this is my heritage. the experiences of my ancestors are A collective of everyday conversations, debates between sages, songs of praise and the oral history as long as time itself.

A body in the water

All was quiet
Listening to my heart beat
I centre my breath
I feel my body lift with every inhale
And fall with every exhale
Of creation

By body descends and I lose all senses

I ascend,
Only when I am hungry
And ache for breath
I breach the waters
Nose first

Before I my vision clears
My ears and eyes submerge again
My senses becoming muddled
Losing perspective
of what’s beyond the surface

Inhale again
My sight returns
My hearing slightly clearer
I can catch a glimpse

Before I need to exhale again…