I have an impossible dream

I have an impossible dream of attending a Yeshiva.Of studying centuries’ old text 8+ hours a day.Of picking apart, debating, and then picking apart again our canon with close colleagues. I have an impossible dream of immersing my entire life in Torah. Of taking my learning outside. To share what I know with others.I have… Continue reading I have an impossible dream

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

If I could go anywhere in the world I would go to Israel. Not modern day Israel-Palestine, filled with life-threatening conflict over a barren land. It would be back to Jerusalem’s glory days—of the days of the holy temple—if I could visit anywhere it would be approximately 2000 years ago. Our last time humanity had… Continue reading If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

A body in the water

All was quietListening to my heart beatI centre my breathI feel my body lift with every inhaleAnd fall with every exhaleOf creation Exhale,By body descends and I lose all senses InhaleI ascend,Only when I am hungry And ache for breathI breach the watersNose first ExhaleBefore I my vision clearsMy ears and eyes submerge againMy senses… Continue reading A body in the water

The 2 Ways to Live a Good Life: Parashat Chayei Sarah

I can’t help but wonder what Yitzchak was thinking after coming down the mountain. Perhaps he left his father not only because of the trauma of the Akeida and losing his mother, but he wouldn’t take part in “Avraham’s Adventures” any longer. I didn’t even like being dragged to the grocery store by my parents, never mind a three-day journey to a mountaintop to be used as a sacrifice…

Bereishit: The Ultimate Sin, Or The Ultimate Gift? (Part 2 of 2, Eve’s Gift)

Pain makes us resilient, independent and teaches us harsh lessons we would have never learned otherwise. Discomfort forces us out of our comfort zone, our “paradise”and pushes us out of it. How can we learn these things from Eve?