Learn Hebrew Master Resource List

In under a year, I went from learning the Aleph-Bet to acing a second-year University course!

Here is everything I’ve ever used to learn Hebrew:

  1. YouTube videos
  2. apps
  3. websites
  4. books
  5. other materials




  • Pocket Dictionary for the Study of Biblical Hebrew (Murphy)
  • The First Hebrew Primer (EKS Publishing)
  • Biblical Hebrew: A Compact Guide 2nd Edition (Van Pelt) accompanying…
  • Basics of Biblical Hebrew Workbook 3rd Edition (Van Pelt)
  • The Analytical Hebrew and Chaldee Lexicon (Zondervan Series)

Thank you for reading!

If this was helpful for you, please share this with your family and friends who are curious about this topic and comment any follow-up questions you have!

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