If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

If I could go anywhere in the world I would go to Israel. Not modern day Israel-Palestine, filled with life-threatening conflict over a barren land. It would be back to Jerusalem’s glory days—of the days of the holy temple—if I could visit anywhere it would be approximately 2000 years ago. Our last time humanity had a direct connection with creation. Before there was an international diaspora, before there was the Spanish Inquisition, before the progroms and before the holocaust. Before international antisemitism and intergenerational trauma.
I would want to visit 11th century Spain and be a part of the golden age of Jewry. I would want to visit 14th-century Poland and experience the height of Jewish cultural development. I would want to visit Moscow in the late 1800s and witness the genesis of Yiddish arts.
But in a way, I have been there. As a Jew this is my heritage. the experiences of my ancestors are A collective of everyday conversations, debates between sages, songs of praise and the oral history as long as time itself.

By Joey Dean

Canadian Transgender artist Joey Dean paints bold emotional abstracts that warp reality. His pop-surrealism expresses a sadness’s and bittersweet nostalgia for growing up LGBTQ+ in a place where he didn’t exist. He strives to advocate issues within his community such as acceptance over tolerance, supporting victims of violence, and the intersections of mental health and being *Queer.

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