3 Weeks Reading Recs

Tish B’av Book Binge List: 3 Weeks Reading Recommendations

  1. Eternal Life by Dara Horn – Cascading across over 2000 years, this time-travelling novel features the main character, Rachel, witnessing the destruction of the Second Temple, the conquest of Jerusalem, and the saviour of our Torah. It was a very timely novel to finish just as The Three Weeks began and the only fiction on this list.
  2. Let Me Tell You A Story: Memories of a Wartime Childhood by Renata Calverly – Told from the perspective of a 6 year old child, this Memoir is a beautiful and tragic illustration a wartime childhood. It’s also another beautiful example of how storytelling has helped The People Of The Book survive for more than 4000 years.
  3. The Tattooist Of Auschwitz by Heather Morrison – A classic Holocaust Memoir, the first time I read this was as an audio book that was so good it might be why this is my favourite book of all time! It might be on every ReadingRec list I make. I could talk about this book forever, but when I first listened to it was rattling and may be one of the most valuable stories we have recorded. I found Lele such an admirable character, not knowing it was a true story, I thought he must have been a fictional Prince Charming. Learning this is a true story was rattling and is another reason it is my favourite Holocaust Memoir, if not my favourite audiobook.
  4. But I Live by Miriam Libicki –  A beautifully illustrated Graphic Novel chronicling 3 stories of 4 childhood survivors of the Holocaust. Like my previous ReadingRec, it is told from the perspective of children. Unlike SoaWT it doesn’t include any graphic violence, making this a more accessible introduction to Holocaust Education. I would say this is appropriate for children as young as 12 years old. 

Share your own ReadingRecs in the comments below. I’m always in search of something to read (not just JewishLit) and have been craving new novels to read!

Thanks for reading and making it to the end!

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By Joey Dean

Canadian Transgender artist Joey Dean paints bold emotional abstracts that warp reality. His pop-surrealism expresses a sadness’s and bittersweet nostalgia for growing up LGBTQ+ in a place where he didn’t exist. He strives to advocate issues within his community such as acceptance over tolerance, supporting victims of violence, and the intersections of mental health and being *Queer.

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