Welcome back to The Artist Journal!

As you may remember, The AJ turned 1 year old back in August! We reached our biggest content goals and surpassed many milestones along the way. And after a very long sprint, I needed a few weeks to relax my writing muscles.

A lot has changed in a year. The world seems to be an entirely different place now, even compared to just a few weeks ago. People’s plans have had to change. Many physical and online business have either taken a hit or had to close up shop altogether. I luckily still have my side-hustles going for me, but I’ve been needing major change for a long time.

I’ve felt my creativity being choked out of me over the past year and in an attempt to be seen as more professional, I’ve isolated myself from my audience and from you. I’ve taken the past few weeks to refocus and envision where The Artist Journal is heading within this new social and economical landscape.

I will be posting every week from now on. Whether it’s a full blog article, a casual note or some recommended media, you’ll be hearing from me far more often.

Because I wear many hats and am always working on many different projects, I have a huge backlog of content to share in addition to updates on my current projects. As a mixed media artist and multi-platform content creator I want to start sharing all of my work in one place.

Welcome to the new Artist’s Journal!

Until next time