My Monthly Work Music Playlist For May

It’s a month of addressing adversity and working towards change. Shuffle this playlist while you brood inside all month signing petitions and supporting b/Black folks!

**This playlist contains Explicit lyrics and sexual themes, as all my playlists do.

May 2020: Mash-up Your Workday

Here is my office playlist for May 2020. Work along with me to the same tunes I do every month with new work playlists!

32 songs, 1 h 50 m.

No longer I defend

The choices I pretend

Could make amends that heal the loss of precious time

My conscience paralyzed

Against the rising tideOf haunting memories that drown a wasted life

Night Runner, Magnum Bullets

Mash-up Your Workday

(May 2020)

Click to view this playlist on Apple Music!
Click to view this playlist on Apple Music!
Click to view this playlist on Apple Music!

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